A Quickbooks Gift for My Husband

I wanted to get my husband a copy of Quickbooks for a gift. I knew that if I told him I was going to get it for him, he would tell me not to do that, but I also knew that this was something that he absolutely needed. Our accountant probably used to get headaches because of how he was keeping track of things, and she is the one who suggested we try Quickbooks. There are so many versions though, and I did not know which one to get, so I called a Quickbooks support phone number for customer service to get some help in picking out the right version.

The different versions include Pro, Premier, Enterprise and Mac. I knew that he did not need the Mac version, but I had no idea which of the other three would be the best fit for him. I knew that I could have went online and learned about the three of them, but I honesty did not trust myself to make the right decision if I did that. I would rather talk with someone who has a lot of knowledge about all three of them, and then explain what we need them for.

I knew that if I did this, then an expert in Quickbooks would be able to point me in the right direction. We have our own business, which my husband takes care of nearly all on his own. He handles the basic accounting and then goes to our accountant for taxes at the end of the year. He handles all the deductions, payroll, expenses and anything else associated with it on his own though. After explaining everything to the customer service rep, she immediately told me which one would be best for him. She was right too, because I purchased it that day and my husband has been having a much easier time with his accounting since he started using it.

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